Jules and even Monty Filming = Comprehensive As of 11am last Wednesday

Jules and even Monty Filming = Comprehensive As of 11am last Wednesday (aka Monday, April 17th) the main cast along with crew for Jules together with Monty (the web sequence I talked about all those a few months ago around thispost) PACKAGED principle digital photography!!! WAHOOOOO!

To be fair, we tend to still have in regards to month associated with post-production so that you can jump in to, but generally discussing we will now take over our weekends back to take into account how to end up being students once again (ha ha) and will invest our Wednesdays at the TUTV station reviewing rough slices until all kinds of things is finished… insanity.

That it was a long weekend— lovingly referred to as a ‘party weekend’— through which we shot FOUR DAYS OR WEEKS in a row, covering about three different periods. On Comes to an end we perhaps had an amazing opportunity to use Dean Coffin, our very own leader of Tickets, who attained our place (aka my very own dorm room) to have a cameo as Juliet’s father, George Caine (a name he penned himself)–check out Leader Coffin’s blog page! We returned everywhere through episode almost 8 to tv show 13 that will episode 17 and despite the incredible amount of work there were to accomplish, our marvelous solid and folks pushed throughout to the conclude, celebrating this wrap by using a trip to Charlie’s, a hamburger place in Cambridge, for 2x Guinness mozzarella cheese burgers and vanilla mixes: oh yeah, we all know how to observe.

Now from the matter of binding up drop ends: Bill, our publisher, has locked himself gone in the touch-ups room to ensure what you find on YouTube onlineessayshelp.com within March is a wonderful representation individuals series; I’ve been working on social networking outlets as well as talking to soloists; Ed is certainly combing thru countless hours associated with Vlog Vlog material, the actual backstage vlog; and Emma and Claire, our associate directors, are organizing our very important Wrap Event.

On APRIL 1st this trailer, The facebook, and flickr will be released into the stratosphere, so look out for that will, and then at March 10 Jules and even Monty are going to be an actual every day life web sequence and will originel on YouTube with this first a couple episodes… goodness, it’s all coming jointly now.

Numbers, Stats, and The Entertaining Things You Can Do Along

Statistics are fun. Quantification is the essential human technique of progress, can definitely the number of Fb friends, personalities on Yelp, revenue the following quarter, stock options prices, or simply touchdowns won. Even better, all of us surrounded by databases of amounts describing almost everything around us. As a man or women with hypothetical tendencies, When i get pumped up about doing this basic numbers, and since a computer research major, I have to automate the fact that process. On the past hackathons I’ve been towards, when I wasn’t working on this is my official undertaking, I calculated I’d try and interpret these numbers.

The best weekend regarding February was the Tufts Hackathon, which I co-organized with my friend Will. Consequently, I spent most of the situation moving office chairs, feeding individuals, passing out swag, and tweeting. Now, We’ve always realized a casual relationship between my favorite attendance with hackathons and then the frequency for tweets that I send out. Sitting down on a computer all night will inspire someone to broadcast many your 140-character thoughts. My partner and i figured I’d personally formalize this theory using a graph:


Purple rods are this tweets. White bars are usually days We were at hackathons. Suspicions established.

In fact , the exact numbers may lie: my favorite average facebook per day is actually 1 . 234; my average tweets per day during hackathons is almost 8. 333. This the bit of Python computer code that I used to compute ’em.


You can see from your line phone numbers that this is usually a snippet from the middle about my style. For backdrop, I’ve acquired days, a directory of tweets a day (which I acquired using the Twitter API), as well as hackathons, a summary of dates I got at hackathons. I obtain the average for tweets in general by summing up the total number of tweets and dividing by the number of days, and the normal hackathon twitter posts by adding upward tweets each day for each daytime I was in the hackathon, plus dividing by way of the number of days Being at hackathons.


Then simply, at PennApps, I was playing around with the Rotten Tomatoes API and wildlife, and I identified the following data:

  • Movies around cats and films about pet dogs are both equally well liked (average audience score of 62%)

  • Movies concerning cats that will mention pups do 23% worse than those that don’t mention pet dogs.

  • Movies with regards to dogs this mention kittens and cats do ony 16% more painful than their valuable counterparts that don’t point out dogs.

  • Bird movies undertake nearly twice as well if they mention while in the description they are about hen chickens.

If you think it is ridiculous and made up, check out the code. I actually included instruction manuals on how to work it your own self, so give it a try and see what you think!

Ya think my remarks are entirely false? Am I misinterpreting your data? Want to read about the excellent sketchy factors I did in the Twitter job that made me too to humiliated to put an entire codebase on the net (Hint: consider the units on the x-axis)? Leave a thoughts or twitter update at myself!

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